Water Filtration and Purification

Whether your project is domestic, commercial or industrial, we have water filtration and purification solutions to guarantee you’ll meet strict requirements and achieve safe, clean water.

Whether you make use of mains, rain or bore water, one of our products will be ideally suited to purifying it. We offer products for membrane, UV or chemical dosing systems. You’ll be surprised how much your operations will improve once you start using high quality water.

One of the primary benefits of filtering and purifying your water is that it will increase the longevity of the rest of your water management system. Contaminants and sediment within unfiltered water can easily accumulate and harden within your irrigation and pumps, to the detriment of their function.  By filtering these out early, your water management system will operate more effectively and have a longer lifespan.

If you’re planning to purify your water simply for domestic use, then the myriad of health benefits are also well worth the investment.

Our team is able to test your water and determine which of our products would be the best solution for you. Contact Think Water Dunsborough to arrange a water test and quote.