Having known the owners of Think Water Dunsborough for about 15 years, even before they came to be a part of Think Water, I trust that I can always count on them. It’s more than just loyalty that keeps me coming back to Think Water Dunsborough, though, it’s their extensive knowledge of the industry and impeccable service. The Think Water Dunsborough team is composed of some of the best tradesmen you’ll ever come across. – every single person on the team knows what they’re talking about. With them, you get service and attention to detail that some of the larger franchises could never provide you with. Whether we need help out on the field, with design work, with quotations for tenders, or anything in between, we always know we can rely on Think Water Dunsborough. Most of all, we love working with them because we believe in locals supporting locals. We know that when affiliate with other local businesses that not only are we getting the best, easiest service; we are also creating relationships.


Prior to beginning working with Think Water Dunsborough, we were sourcing most of our equipment from Perth. When we decided that we wanted to make the switch to local suppliers, I personally visited a number of local companies to get familiar with them and talk to their staff. Following that initial exploration, I decided to go with Think Water Dunsborough and I’m still really happy with my choice. Following our positive experiences dealing with Think Water over the last four years, our company now works with Think Water on a national level as well as locally.

Since beginning work with Think Water Dunsborough, I now have so much more free time to concentrate on other areas of my business beyond our water needs. I know I can leave all of that to them and have peace of mind. Their staff members are extremely well informed and if there’s anything they don’t know, they will go the extra mile to find it out. If I have an issue, I know that I can go to them and they will solve it without any fuss or worry.

Rob Walton

Our business has been working with Think Water Dunsborough since well before I even started working there. Although I wasn’t a part of the initial decision making process in bringing Think Water Dunsborough on board with us, I’ve been extremely happy with their work over the time period that I’ve worked with them. Our relationship with Think Water Dunsborough is now coming up to being15 years old and we continue to be extremely happy with their services. Since I personally have very minimal knowledge of pumps, it is extremely helpful to be able to call up the Think Water Dunsborough team whenever I have an issue and feel confident that they can resolve it.

Jeremy Hill

When we first started using Think Water Dunsborough, they were the only place offering what they do in town! Now we’ve got a few more options to consider, but we keep coming back to Think Water Dunsborough. They have always been the main source of services and supplies for all our water needs. We always know that they’re there when we need them – they’re local, close by and incredibly easy to use. The Think Water Dunsborough team is helpful and well informed. We use them all the time and our experiences have always been exemplary.