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Your Garden in Winter


When was the last time you went out into your garden?
Winter is an exciting time to be outside as even five minutes outdoors can lift your spirits. The cooler conditions mean you can easily finish some quick winter jobs.

Get outside and get active with these 5 winter tasks:
Rake the leaves & collect fallen branches – This is a winter job that can involve the whole family. Drifts of fallen leaves and bark, along with twigs and sticks, accumulate on lawns and paths over winter and, if left, can become loading for fires during the hot summer months.
Aerate the lawn – Many lawns enter winter compacted and weedy after the long summer months. Aerating now allows moisture to enter the soil, readying the lawn for spring rejuvenation. Use a garden fork or hire a powered aerator.
Then top dress with a fine layer of coarse sand or loam. Make sure you fertilise in spring. If rain is puddling and not soaking in, even after aeration, apply a hose-on soil wetting agent.
Dig the vegie garden and plant new crops – Provided your soil isn’t sodden, winter can be a great time to dig a new vegie or garden bed ready for planting in spring. There’s still plenty of time to grow some tasty fresh vegetables in your garden. Try snow peas, English spinach or some mini vegies, such as small-headed cabbage or cut-and-come-again lettuce.
Prune and tidy – While plants are bare you can easily remove dead or crowded growth. It is also easier to spot invasive climbers and remove them.
Check your reticulation is in full working order – Rain run-off and garden debris can block your sprinkler heads and plug up your drains. Don’t wait until summer comes to check your reticulation systems. Winter is the perfect time for a full system service. By calling a professional in to review and audit your system you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. Leaky valves and faulty pumps will not only cost you money but will directly impact on the look and health of your garden.
Call Think Water Dunsborough today to get one of our experienced team members out to complete a review of your reticulation today. (08) 9755 3405