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Why a Water Filter?


Almost all of our scheme water is disinfected with chlorine. While this process is vital to ensure clean drinking water that is free of microorganisms that make us sick, chlorine carries its own risk. Some water treatment plants are investigating other means for cleaning water and are switching to chloramine.

Chloramines are most commonly formed when ammonia is added to chlorine to treat drinking water. Unlike chlorine which can dissipate as it travels through pipes, chloramine remains active in the water (and in your body). This helps to kill bacteria more effectively in the water, but it does also carry risk.

While we do need to be protected from serious microorganisms and we are lucky to live in a country with clean drinking water, do you want your family drinking and bathing in what is effectively bleach and ammonia on a daily basis?

Many places add fluoride to water for your children’s ‘dental health’. It has been in our water for many years. However, long-term studies on the effects of fluoride are showing that it can cause a multitude of health issues and children are the most vulnerable.

There can also be many trace chemicals and pharmaceuticals contaminating your water. We try to be healthy, eating organic fruits and vegetables to avoid consuming pesticides, when they are most likely in our water!

The Solution?  A Home Water Filtration System

Think Water Dunsborough have a comprehensive range of home filtration systems.  We believe each of these products is essential to a well-operating, safe home environment. Contact us to draw on our expertise in the area of residential water management and optimise the safety of your home drinking water.

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