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Fire Mitigation – Think Water are the experts.

thi_dun_blogimage_fire-mitigationDunsborough is a bush fire hot spot and each summer it experiences at least one bush-fire threatening the area. Often the warnings are too close for comfort and if you’re unlucky you’re forced to defend your home, or even worse leave it, as flames take hold. With last year’s devastating fires in Waroona, which claimed lives and destroyed many properties, it may be time to take serious preventative measures.

  • Last year the Department of Fire & Emergency services responded to 1,327 structure fires and 6,164 landscape fires from 30 June 2014 to 30 June 2015. This number is set to climb. We want to make sure you understand the risks and steps needed to be adequately prepared in the event of a fire.
    Hot spots are areas where bush-fire risks to life and property are very high, and Dunsborough is on the hot spot list. Several factors contribute to high levels of risk, but the most common is high fuel loads surrounding our beautiful town. In addition to the potential impact on landholders in these areas, failure to control undergrowth under power lines and the build-up of litter around power poles means that a bush fire can easily have disastrous effects on essential electrical services and infrastructure.
    So, how do you protect yourself?
    If you’re living in a bush-fire hot spot you can take these precautions:

Burning off – Arrange cooperative fuel reduction burning programs to mitigate the impact of bush fires on the community, carrying out controlled burns on a rotational basis over the whole area.
Landscaping – Careful design and plant selection can reduce the direct flame contact and radiant heat on a house during a bush fire.
Home improvements – Anywhere embers can lodge or enter your house can start a fire. To reduce the impact of embers on your home there are some important building improvements you can make such as:

  • Roof – Installing sarking (non-combustible sheeting)
  • Windows – Installing wire mesh screens with 1.5 millimetre holes over the window and frame to prevent embers touching the glass and timber. This can also be a method of reflecting radiant heat.
  • Doors – Installing metal screen doors over timber doors will reduce the chance of an ember igniting the door.
  • Decks – Non-combustible material decking will not burn. Use concrete stumps, metal framing and fire-retardant-treated timber to build your deck.

Fire Mitigation Systems
Installing a fire mitigation system can greatly reduce the risk of a fire taking hold in your home. Imagine being able to immediately cover your home with water, inside and out, with the press of a button! Think Water Dunsborough knows the risks you face. We specialise in customising, supplying and installing Fire Mitigation systems to suit the unique problems that face each particular property.
Our fire mitigation solutions range from sprinklers and hoses to diesel and petrol fire pumps. Think Water Dunsborough are the South West distributors of EZY SWITCH, which features pumps that can be started via SMS or even by infrared heat sensors, which start the pump automatically after sensing the approach of flames. Automation via SMS to your pump allows you to start your system when the site is too dangerous to enter or you are simply too far away to be there.
Bushfires happen every summer and they can start suddenly and without warning. When it comes to your home, livelihood and the ones that you love, you can’t take the risk of being unprepared.
Contact Think Water Dunsborough today on (08) 9755 3405 to discuss your Fire Mitigation options and for an obligation free quote.