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Electrical Contractors Certification: What it means for Think Water Dunsborough



Think Water Dunsborough are proud to have been awarded our Electrical Contractors Licence. We are now able to complete all electrical work on-site without having to outsource to another contractor. This allows us to easily meet client deadlines and provide a level of service unmatched by any other service provider in the South-west.

The risks associated with the unsafe installation of electric works are high, which is why the work is restricted to licensed workers. Unfortunately, incorrectly installed wiring can appear to operate well yet still be unsafe. For example, an electrical installation can work without a safety system for many years until a fault occurs that requires the safety system to prevent a dangerous situation escalating and causing serious damage.
Would you be willing to take that risk?
The licensing system in Western Australia is in place to ensure only competent workers conduct electrical work. Our Think Water Dunsborough team worked hard to achieve this special licence in order to provide only the very best service for their customers.
Don’t employ two companies to do two different jobs, call Think Water Dunsborough today. We will design, install and maintain all aspects of your commercial and residential water systems.
Think Water Dunsborough: your local water experts.
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