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Don’t let leaking valves cost you money.


Today our $44 Condition report identified a leaking master valve in one of our customer’s home water systems, which was causing high water consumption bills.

A master valve is an automatic valve that is installed at the point where irrigation systems connect to the water supply. The master valve is wired to a special “master valve circuit” on the irrigation controller. Sometimes this circuit is called a “pump start circuit”. Both types of circuits work similar or identical, and can be used for a pump and/or a master valve. The irrigation controller turns the master valve on and off. Most, but not all, irrigation controllers have a master valve circuit built in to them.

Leaks are more likely to go unnoticed and not get repaired when a master valve is used. This is because most irrigation systems run at night when nobody is around to see the leak. During the day the leak is not noticed and goes unreported. Our experience is that most property owners, homeowners and, yes, even professional landscape maintenance providers, do not regularly check the irrigation systems for proper operation. They make repairs only when damage becomes extreme or someone complains.

Think Water Dunsborough are your local water experts and have extensive knowledge around master valves and irrigation systems. Our $44 condition report is an easy and affordable way to identify leaks and stop you throwing your money down the drain.

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