Fire Mitigation – Think Water are the experts.

thi_dun_blogimage_fire-mitigationDunsborough is a bush fire hot spot and each summer it experiences at least one bush-fire threatening the area. Often the warnings are too close for comfort and if you’re unlucky you’re forced to defend your home, or even worse leave it, as flames take hold. With last year’s devastating fires in Waroona, which claimed lives and destroyed many properties, it may be time to take serious preventative measures.

Trade Membership Program


Have you heard about our Trade Membership Program? As a Think Water Trade Member you get the backing of our whole team, saving you time and money.

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Electrical Contractors Certification: What it means for Think Water Dunsborough



Think Water Dunsborough are proud to have been awarded our Electrical Contractors Licence. We are now able to complete all electrical work on-site without having to outsource to another contractor. This allows us to easily meet client deadlines and provide a level of service unmatched by any other service provider in the South-west.

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Your Garden in Winter


When was the last time you went out into your garden?
Winter is an exciting time to be outside as even five minutes outdoors can lift your spirits. The cooler conditions mean you can easily finish some quick winter jobs.

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Bore Maintenance: regular servicing will avoid costly blow outs


Regular maintenance of your bore is much more economical than forking out for costly repairs after damage has occurred, and ensures that you don’t have to deal with interruptions to your water supply.

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Why reticulate?


Most residential and commercial property owners use excessive amounts of water to keep their grass and landscape green and fresh, costing them more money than necessary.

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Don’t let leaking valves cost you money.


Today our $44 Condition report identified a leaking master valve in one of our customer’s home water systems, which was causing high water consumption bills.

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$44 can save you hundreds!


Last week our $44 Special Condition report identified that one of our customer’s storm water connections wasn’t functioning correctly, which meant their rainwater was not being collected for use.

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Why a Water Filter?


Almost all of our scheme water is disinfected with chlorine. While this process is vital to ensure clean drinking water that is free of microorganisms that make us sick, chlorine carries its own risk. Some water treatment plants are investigating other means for cleaning water and are switching to chloramine.

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Job Opening – Junior Retail Sales Position


Looking for somewhere awesome to work?!

Think Water Dunsborough currently has a junior retail position available for Saturday roster & possible holiday shifts.

You will be trained in all aspects of a retail operation including face to face and telephone customer service, assisting in managing stock levels, as well as co-ordinating the paperwork for customer projects and repairs.

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