Fire Mitigation

You can greatly reduce the risk to your life’s biggest investment……..

While you can never avoid fire incidents in Western Australia you can tip the odds in your favour by investing in a Fire Mitigation System to protect your house – even when you are not there.

Think Water Dunsborough is a locally owned and operated company that knows the risks involved in living in an area carrying high fire fuel loads. Western Australia experiences catastrophic bush fires on a regular basis. Toodyay, Margaret River, Northcliffe and many other areas across the state have suffered enormously. Apart from the tragic loss of life involved in these incidents, nearly 250 homes have been destroyed in the past 20 years.

At Think Water Dunsborough we have designed and installed numerous Fire Mitigation Systems ranging from the extremely simple to quite complex systems using advanced automatic initiation controls. The one thing that stands out about all of these systems is that each one is individually designed to suit each particular property and the problems unique to that property.

We can design, supply and install a customised system to suit any type of property from sheds to large homes as well as the surrounds. Construction materials can vary from PVC which has surprisingly high fire resistance to steel and copper with a wide range of sprinklers, sprays and hoses.

We supply a wide variety of fire pumps in both diesel and petrol configurations with recoil and electric start options as power is rarely avaliable in fire events.

Automation via SMS to your pump allows you to start your system when the site is too dangerous to enter or you are simply too far away to be there. Start by Infrared heat sensors is also available and will do this automatically on the approach of flame. Think Water Dunsborough are the South West distributors of the EZY SWITCH.

You will never find a more cost effective way of reducing the risk of fire damage to your home. Insurance will replace your house – but not your home or the memories it represents. Contact Think Water Dunsborough for a quotation tailored to your unique property.