Welcome to Think Water

Think Water Dunsborough are your local water experts.

We specialise in the design and implementation of the most water efficient irrigation and water management programs for all clients across all sectors and all regions of Australia’s South West.

Water is our most precious resource and our responsibility to clients is to engage with the Industry Suppliers to ensure our products and services are world’s best practice in the area of efficient water management.

We can supply a fully designed or specified irrigation system whether it is for a whole vineyard, sports field or just a broken nozzle in a home garden. We have the power of a 60-store franchise network behind us, ensuring we can always access the latest products and offer you the best prices. Our friendly and experienced staff will provide quick and efficient solutions to your specific irrigation requirement.

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Agriculture Irrigation and Pump Systems
We design, supply and maintain irrigation, pumping & filtration systems for Agriculture applications. We provide solutions and carry products for greenhouses, nurseries, field irrigation. We have experience in Drip Irrigation, Centre Pivots, Spray Irrigation, Inverted Irrigation and more.
Landscape Irrigation & Filtration Solutions
We have an extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining irrigation, pumps, filtration and water storage systems for parks, gardens, ovals, schools, commercial buildings and more.
Residential Irrigation, Filtration & Water Systems
Our store supply a full range of irrigation and water systems for your home and garden. Visit Think Water Peats Ridge for a range of pressure pumps, garden supplies, hoses, fittings, filtration, pool supplies, and more.
Solar Pumping Solutions
If you think a solar pump is right for you, make Think Water Dunsborough your only stop. Our committed staff are specialists in designing and supplying solar pumping solutions for remote, rural or livestock applications.
Dairy & Stock Watering Systems
We specialise in designing an energy & water efficient stock water system with advanced control technology. Systems can also be designed to dose mineral and vitamin supplements if required.
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
We design and supply rainwater and stormwater systems for home and council projects. This includes pumps, tanks, filtration, pipes, fittings and switching devices. Our team will help you design the best system that suits your application.

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